Traditional Music Center
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Michael Garvin

A music instructor and violin repairman now located inside the historic Camayo Arcade. Offering classes and professional services for fine stringed instruments and repair of all violin family instruments.

Michael learned to play fiddle in the presence of many regional master musicians. He completed a Traditional Folk Arts Apprenticeship through the Kentucky Arts Council and is a winner of the prestigious Ed Haley Champion Fiddler award and violin enthusiast.

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Staff Musicians

Kentucky Memories is an old-time string band from Greenup County, Kentucky featuring fiddler Michael Garvin along with these other musicans:

Keith Garvin
Bass-fiddle and Jaw harp.
Philip Litteral
Rhythm Guitar and Narration
George Litteral
5-string Banjo

Our Hours:

Fiddle and Jews Harp

Civil War Music

Re-inactments and Exhibits.

Lessons Available

Performance Events and Other Services

  • Authentic Old-Time Music
  • Quality Instruments
  • Great Acoustic Sound
  • Fast setup
  • Workshops
  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Lessons
  • Violin Repair
  • Bow Rehair
  • Strings and Things
  • Apprasial
  • Consignment
  • Folklore
  • Locally Grown!